CIUX Mobile IMEI Unlocker 1.1

An easy to use tool for mobile devices that allows users to unlock their devices

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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The CIUX Mobile IMEI Unlocker is a utility meant to help mobile phone users deactivate the security mechanisms that can keep their phones tied to a single mobile carrier. Mobile carriers that subsidize the prices of customers' phones typically try to make the most of their investments by making it hard to use those handsets on the networks of other carriers. In most cases, however, these limitations can be disabled, given the proper code or another security token. A variety of third-party services offer to do this for a fee, but many consumers find that the prices charged can be exorbitant.

As it promises to provide the service for lower prices than competitors, the CIUX Mobile IMEI Unlocker, then, could come in handy for many people who would like to use their phones on the networks of other carriers. The utility is fairly simple overall, presenting users with a screen which contains a number of selection fields upon start-up. The most interesting of these for most people will be the list of mobile phone services at the far left. This fairly extensive database consists of all the services that the CIUX Mobile IMEI Unlocker is meant to work with and includes carriers from around the world.

Having selected a carrier, the user will next need to enter the IMEI of the phone in question in another text field. This unique identifying number is present on every mobile phone sold today, although the process of actually finding it varies from one model to the next. Unfortunately, CIUX Mobile Phone IMEI Unlocker doesn't help much here, so users will largely be left on their own. That is not necessarily as big of a problem as it may seem, though, because, typically, an Internet search with the model name of the phone and the additional search term "IMEI" will yield instructions.

After filling in an email address for further communication, a proposed fee will be calculated. A big part of the draw of this particular service is that the fees are meant to be lower than with many other such options, and they typically vary from around 10 U.S. dollars on the low end to as high as 50 on the other end of the scale. Users that find the charge acceptable can pay through PayPal or a variety of credit and debit cards and should receive unlock codes for their devices within a few working days.


  • A simple, straightforward interface should suffice for even less technical users.
  • Fees charged for IMEI unlocking codes are mostly fairly competitive.


  • Some users will wish for more guidance when it comes to actually finding their phones' IMEI numbers.
  • Fees for certain newer, higher-end phones seem out of line with the rest.

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